FUNctional at Megamall.

Cute has invaded my life. First bunny shoes, and now this. FUNctional is a stationery shop in Megamall A. It’s beside Toy Kingdom, which means I have two black holes to fall into.

FUNctional at SM Megamall

FUNctional at SM Megamall

Everything in the shop comes from China. There are ballpens in all shades of sherbet, folders, pencil cases, and notebooks.

Two small notebooks

Two small notebooks

I bought two notebooks, both with plastic covers. I bought them because the pages weren’t blank.

Inside the notebook

Inside the notebook

Every page, or spread, is a way of doodling or writing. This one invites you to write down four daydreams.

Built-in doodles

Built-in doodles

Sparely-illustrated pages make you think of different ways of interacting with the notebook.

Ruled - but just in the middle

Ruled - but just half

This spread amused me – only half was ruled, the other left plain. This is for people who change their minds mid-page. Or for those who draw and write at the same time. (The desk and chair on the lower left was a built-in doodle. I added the sitting figure and the thought balloon.)

Another notebook - watercolor wash backgrounds

Another notebook - watercolor wash backgrounds

For those in a dreamier frame of mind, there’s a notebook with watercolor washes in different colors.

Floral thoughts

Floral thoughts

These remind me of petals. I imagine you can write one word per petal.

The paper is thin, but not irritatingly so. I’d like more of these notebooks. Every writer or artist has experienced the fear of the blank page – with these notebooks, that point is moot. (Plus they’re cute.)

  • hazel

    will check out these notebooks… they’ll keep me awake during meetings

  • Denise

    I love FUNctional, there’s a stall in Glorietta near Dorothy Perkins. It’s cute and they have great prices.

    My only fear is that they change up their notebook inventories a lot, and sometimes a notebook I really like disappears. :'(

  • TAO

    Cute but clever! “Started” pages is an idea that seems to make so much sense that you’d have thought it would have been around forever.

  • Cleod

    Argh…you made me buy more notebooks 🙁

  • andrea

    I love your calligraphy! 🙂 I was wondering if you conducted workshops/seminars– I’d love to join! I was also wondering if you could recommend an affordable fountain pen for a beginner like me, and perhaps cheap ink? Thanks in advance, have a lovely weekend!


  • Leigh Reyes

    Hi Andrea! I don’t conduct seminars, but if you drop by one of the FPN-P meets, there will be many people who will be more than happy to show you how to flourish and flex your letters! 🙂 An affordable fountain pen – would you mean calligraphy pens or a medium-nibbed pen for everyday writing? Schneider makes both types, and is available at Office Warehouse. Cretacolor has calligraphy pen holders and nibs available at Fully Booked, and calligraphy ink as well; but when you’re starting out, you can use cheap Higgins India ink – just not in your fountain pens!

  • Larabells

    I bought a lot of cute stuffs from FUNctional years ago. But now, I couldn’t find any of their branches anymore. It’s so sad.. I wish I know where I could buy items like what they used to sell there.