This began as a review of the Berkeley watercolor pad.

I found it in National Bookstore and gave it a try, because P112.00 is not bad for a watercolor pad. Twenty-four spiral-bound acid-free sheets of practice goodness. The paper is a warm off-white.

Berkeley watercolor pad

I also grabbed a couple of Chinese brushes to practice with. The result is two unusual girls having their usual hit of java.

Two girls having coffee

I think they’ll make good characters, don’t you?

The paper absorbs water just a little too quickly for my taste, but it’s fine for practice, which at its price point is what it’s meant for.

  • Amodeus del Carmen

    I don’t know this Berkeley pad from Adam. Provenance? Brands pool and collect in different places where commerce offers gravity wells. Maybe you send me a few pages and we do a comparative report, argue it’s virtues or lack thereof.

    I find that even the poorest and flimsiest of watercolor papers will do well if you gum tape it to a wood or masonite board and stretch it before you paint. You probably did that.

    Oh, wait. Just clicked the larger view. It’s from Recto in Sta. Cruz, MLA. I went to U.S.T. so I had to use what supplies gathered in the stores around there. Even for the slim pickings they were pricey for us students. Wasting a page was more a concern than learning to make the right mistakes on it.

    I like that angels and demons are just working schlubs, like the rest of us. Then go back to finish their shifts. Clock out and go to the DMV or pick up dry cleaning.

    I don’t think they’re friends. The lunch crowd at the food court is aglut with patrons. This table was the only table free.

    “You know, I have the same purse.” Blue notices. Too awkward not to say anything after all.

    “Really? Yeah, it was a sale pile at Landmark, Lost my other one and this” waves its utility, “works.”

    “I can’t believe the holidays are hear again.”

    “I know.”

    “I stll have last year’s presents I haven’t opened.” funny personal disclosure so overshare.

    Clatter of trays breaks the canter. Silence. Slurp and look around. “Well, that was short and merciful, Oh, you got something on you…” attempting to maybe wipe espresso foam, but she got it herself.

    “Back to it.”
    “Are you in sector..?”
    “Ah. 98” points her purse to herself and backs away. “Well, see you.”

  • Leigh Reyes

    National Bookstore always has these strange brands for sale, and I like trying them out! I never stretch my paper smartly and am only now learning about what to use with which. I used to layer gouache over acrylic and ten years later I realized I had the world’s slowest recipe for bad craquelure.

    It’s called the Infinity Cafeteria, and it’s perfectly halfway between heaven and hell, so that means it’s sometimes on earth and sometimes in purgatory’s backyard, depending on where heaven and hell decide to be. They serve so-so omelets and way too much coffee.

  • Jam

    I have to stretch it out first right? But I don’t want to tear it from the binding. Is there a way to stretch out the paper without needing to tear it and soak it individually?