An assortment of images and sentences.

This is the blog entry equivalent of a Halloween candy assortment.

Muji binder, Muji blank refills. Swan pen.


A hard rubber Parker Lucky Curve.


My old character in Second Life. She’s been retired. I quite like the glasses. I also wish I had this top in real life.


Mike did a pencil sketch of me one day when he was bored. That man has wicked skills.


My own definition of happiness. Shared by many who are reading this, I hope.


“Her visions had so many wonders there was no room for stars.” I don’t know what that means.


I don’t know where the original of this is. It’s a sketch done in pastel of a shoe I actually owned. It was red ostrich with a 4-inch stacked heel. I would be committing suicide if I were to walk in this today. Time is not kind to ankles.


It is also not my friend today, because it ran out before I could manage a coherent blog entry.

  • InkyIndi

    I live for the posts with your drawings. Such inspiration for my own doodles!! (oh, I do love the pen-related stuff too…I wouldn’t be inkyindi without a love for the pens) 🙂

  • Denise

    I look forward to the day all your doodles will be published as one huge Leighbook. :3 they’d be great everyday pick-me-ups.

  • Spoonless Eddie

    Hi ~

    I like your site. I discovered it recently. I am happy to see your new post.

    I too have shoes that are best used as models.

    Keep on.

  • kevinhsu

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  • forcryeye

    Happiness is a new notebook! I never tire of your calligraphy! LOVE IT! Keep it coming!!!