The Stipula Passaporto.

The Stipula Passaporto presses the same buttons tail-wagging puppies and wide-eyed kittens do.

Stipula Passporto with eyedropper

Stipula Passaporto with eyedropper

It’s barely longer than my longest finger. The Passaporto, as it name more than merely implies, is for travel. It comes with a cartridge and an eyedropper, because you can use it either way.

The Stipula leaf

The Stipula leaf

The threads feel tight and secure, which makes you feel confident about using it as an eyedropper. The worst way to begin a trip is to smear ink on your passport. (Yes, I’ve managed that feat.) The band is chromium, and the leaf is sterling silver. According to the Pengallery write-up, the leaf acts as a roll stopper.

Cap, section, barrel

Cap, section, barrel

I chose the fine nib because fountain pen ink feathers like mad on any kind of paper approved by bureacratic procurement departments, just like the kind that approves the paper used for immigration and customs forms. A fine nib can help minimize feathering. It can also let you fit letters into those tiny form boxes.

Stipula Passporto with Private Reserve Purple Haze

Stipula Passaporto with Private Reserve Purple Haze

For such a small pen, it can hold a lot of ink.

Writing sample

Writing sample

Private Reserve’s Purple Haze is a light bluish-violet. It was the closest ink I had to sky blue. I’m flying off to Boracay tomorrow, and the Passaporto is coming along, because that’s what its cute, travel-friendly self is meant to do.


  • Bruno Taut

    Bon voyage!


  • Gentian

    Very cute pen 😀 Have a good trip!

  • Marco

    Hi Leigh, I think you have a typo in the pen name, which I believe is Passaporto and not Passporto. Keep up the great work, as always.

  • Jan

    Leigh, I fell in love with these the minute I saw them and ordered one. I found that after only very moderate rough-housing in a pocket of my backpack, the nib leaked large amounts of ink into the cap. Thinking this was a prob with the “limited edition” individual pen I had, I ordered another Stipula Passaporto. Sad news: this one leaks ink into the cap too.

    Any advice? If you find the same happening with yours after a while, and if you are able to fix it, be sure to post the procedure here.


  • Leigh Reyes

    Corrected! Thank you, Marco.

  • Leigh Reyes

    I dragged mine to Boracay and back and it didn’t leak into the cap. Let me see what happens with more use. I am sad about yours. 🙁 That’s exactly why I rarely venture away from Japanese pens. The Italian brands, in my experience, are beautiful in appearance but random in quality.

  • Lis

    Hi Leigh,
    I read this post a few weeks ago and fell in love with this baby pen. Found one on eBay at a fair price and got it a week ago. I love it. It’s my new favorite pen (for now). Thanks for steering me towards an adorable pen. I’m getting a blue one with an italic nib next week when I’m in LA. Hope you get a commission 🙂