Some pens keep secrets.

If no one else sees it, why make it beautiful?

Nakaya maki-e goldfish converter

Because it makes the ink ripple as it swims.

Nakaya goldfish, closeup

Because it traces curves in the air as it falls.

Nakaya maki-e autumn leaves converter

Nakaya autumn leaves, closeup

Because it blooms into words.


Because a petal is always welcome.


(Nakaya maki-e converters are the pen world’s equivalent of exquisite lingerie. No one else knows you’re wearing it, but your smile has a little more sparkle.)

  • Chito Limson

    I like your simile. And your smile, as well…

  • John Raymond Lim

    That thing about lingerie totally got me.
    Also my favorite’s probably the koi one. The leaves are nice~

  • Michael Wascher

    I love the line about the lingerie.

    However, according to a Chinese friend from long ago, Chinese are frugal in private & show off in public (outside of home & family). One of her examples was: “if a Chinese woman wears fine lingerie she expects it to be seen, else she’d be wearing practical & frugal cotton.”

    So if you have these converters you should flaunt them!

  • Margana

    Perfect analogy!

  • Azizah Asgarali

    Awww I love the goldfish!

  • leighpod


  • leighpod

    The autumn leaves and the sakura came after the goldfish. 🙂

  • leighpod

    The only reasonable way to flaunt them is for Nakaya to release a demonstrator. 😀

  • leighpod

    I thought so myself. (wicked grin)

  • leighpod

    The goldfish was the first maki-e converter introduced by Nakaya. I have several and they never fail to make me smile.

  • John Raymond Lim

    Clear Urushi? YES PLEASE. (is that even possible)

  • youstruckgold

    A beautiful and poetic tribute.

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  • Mina

    That’s beautiful (converter and the piece of writing)! I actually take of my pen’s barrel (to stare at the converter) all the time when I am zoning out in class or waiting for the train so I guess I would have plenty of chances to flaunt things like that.