The Fantasy Ink Series.


Once in a while, a mad scientist channeling Nathan Tardiff takes over my consciousness. Some time back, I did a Star Trek fantasy ink series. Today it’s chocolate. I’d love to see these in rectangular bottles, sheathed in foil. Or even as real solid ink bars. Break off a segment and dissolve in distilled water to make your own ink on the spot, just like the ink tablets that were used during wartime.

  • Thomas Overfield

    I am happy the are sugar free.

  • Margana

    What a yummy idea! Nathan, are you listening?

  • Azizah Asgarali

    Oh my. This makes me need chocolate immediately… one of each of course. Lovely work.

  • James Park

    looks interesting.

  • Den

    so for your fantasy series ala Star Trek, were there colors like Vulcan Blood, Data Skin Gold, and Gagh (red-black)?

  • leighpod
  • leighpod

    Thank you!

  • leighpod

    I had chocolate today. I think it was these inks acting up in my subconscious.

  • leighpod

    Me too! Now to find someone to make them. 😀

  • Limner

    From your post to ink-makers’ ears. How exciting it would be to use solid ink dissolved in water. I have a bottle of walnut ink from 7Gypsies. I bought it such a long time ago that I’ve forgotten how many years I’ve been saving it. I also have half-empty cartridges. Who knew ink in plastic evaporated?

    Your bottles remind me of insulin bottles. 🙂 Backing up: Ink tablets are new to me. Time to Google. Thanks.