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Dec 21 / Leigh Reyes

Kwaderno by Jacinto and Lirio.

For your consideration, the Statement Plant Leather Journal from Jacinto & Lirio.


Water hyacinth, a plant that proliferates in waterways and pretty much stunts other life wherever it grows, has been transformed from ecotrash to a flexible material the Jacinto & Lirio founders call “plant leather.”


They partner with communities to craft the Kwaderno, which isn’t a single notebook per se, but a binder with a hardbound notebook inside. This might be a concern for those who like their notebooks to lie flat as they write.


The pleather lining also comes in black and red. I hope the designer considers using waxed canvas, heavy cotton, or another material with a natural origin.


The paper inside the notebook is a pleasant surprise. There are other local journal makers but the paper is almost always a disappointment, like an afterthought. The Kwaderno’s cream-white paper resists feathering, and more than tolerates the gush of ink that comes with a wet noodle flexible nib or a wet music nib.

I’d love to see other incarnations of the Kwaderno. Top of my list would be an interpretation of the Midori Traveler’s Notebook. Another would be a cahier holder.


You can pick up the Kwaderno for yourself or a fountain pen friend at Fully Booked. We spotted this at their Greenbelt branch; their other branches might stock it too.

  • Matt

    Kwaderno is the soul of coolth.

  • L armond

    Gosh, these are lovely. Video came up in my subscriptions of Chinese dance, with ink. Here is link:

  • Jon Buller

    Are there any books or websites that you would particularly recommend to those looking for models for interesting penmanship?

  • leighpod

    Even taken from the audience, the video shows superb stagecraft. I would love to see a professionally mastered release. Thank you!

  • leighpod

    Hi Jon! I always recommend starting with the PDF downloads here: