The Nakaya Decapod in AO tamenuri.

It took me a long time between liking the Decapod and getting the Decapod. Much of that hesitation had to do with the initial discomfort my hand felt when I tried one for the first time. The facets were distracting.

Nakaya Decapod

Misgivings quieted when I saw the AO tamenuri finish. It was like arguing myself into a pair of wedges. “My ankles will snap. But those shoes are sooooo pretty!” Familiarity breeds preference, after all.

Decapod, uncapped
The step from the barrel to the section is similar to other Nakaya models, but the taper of the barrel makes it more obvious.
Your inner obsessive-compulsive will be happy to know there are only two ways to align the cap to the barrel so the facets line up as they should: nib up or feed up, centered with the clip. Mine is feed up.

This Decapod's tiny conceit is its music nib, ground to have more line variation. The monotone gold matches the clip.

Not too wet, not too dry, just right. This is a writing sample in a Midori Traveler 014 refill.
Other pen makers offer faceted pens. From a practical standpoint, these pens give you more feedback when being held, so can encourage a more mindful grip; and when you need to pause and put them down, they don't roll off the table.
From a non-practical standpoint, they're just plain pretty.


  • Matt

    I really do think it is one of the prettiest shapes Nakaya has come up with. There is a wand quality, or rather conductor’s baton, that I do like. Regretting selling my at the moment. The AO is interesting . . . do you think Heki is just over?

  • quinden

    It looks fantastic! I’m waiting on a Decapod Twist in Ao-tamenuri – at least two or three more months before I see it. Patience is a virtue and all that 🙂

  • Josephine Robertson

    Very pretty! I’m really nervous about my ao-tamenuri. I ordered one a while ago after seeing a lot of pictures that made it look MUCH more blue. Ordered it with goldfish roll stopper, silver powder, all done up custom assuming it would look blue. Now I’m seeing more photos like yours where it is electric green which will ruin the design of this particular pen.

    Yours is gorgeous! But for this color I’d want the PANDA roll stopper! 🙂 Here’s hoping mine comes in more blue.

  • Azizah Asgarali

    *drools* I JUST got my very first Nakaya and already I’m back on the site drooling over others – mainly this one hahahaha. Beautiful.

  • Eduardo Weinberg

    Beautiful pen; I think I’d prefer it without the clip so the shape would stand out more. The Omas you also have there is gorgeous.

  • leighpod

    Each pen is different! This one does show more green because it’s a Decapod. Which model is yours?

  • leighpod

    Oh, a twist! Do post pictures when it arrives.

  • leighpod

    No, I have two heki-tame pens and they are both quite lovely.

  • leighpod

    What is your first Nakaya? Post!

  • leighpod

    Thank you! I will one day have a sumi Decapod with no clip. 😀

  • Limner

    I’d like one of each if I could afford them. The green accents make the one pen. Is beautiful.

  • Josephine Robertson


    This image is what originally drew me to the color:

    That’s one shared by someone who had Nakaya send that to them directly. That’s the color I’m crossing my fingers for…

  • Azizah Asgarali

    A Piccolo in black-red! Although I really want this one now…… the green POPS! … I may as well start saving for my next Nakaya (which is obviously inevitable) lol

  • Leigh Reyes

    From what I was told when I first saw this new finish, ao is taken from the Japanese word aoi. Most people translate this as blue but the Japanese use the word interchangeably for blue and green.

    If you are ordering from Mottishaw, then you can tell them that you want the bluish ao instead of the greenish ao. I suppose the same is true if you are ordering from Nakaya directly.

  • sonj

    Hi Leigh,

    Thanks for the lovely pictures. I am considering the Decapod Twist in Ao-Tame-Nuri, in a purely speculative way so far, but I’m not sure of its colour. It looks very green (rather than blue) in your pictures. With a bit of licence, I’d say grass green, or apple. Is that accurate? Thanks for taking the time to respond; I’m sure you have better things to do than clarify colour nuances to random posters, so – much appreciated.


  • ashokdad

    Photo is now a dead link. Do you have another link to the color that you are expecting?

  • ashokdad

    Have you received your Ao-tamenuri decapod twist? Any place to see a photo? I am interested in the same pen. Any thoughts on feel-in-hand? Like wearing wedges… sacrifice of comfort for “fashion?”

  • ashokdad

    Did you ever get clarification on green versus more blue-green for Ao-tamenuri?

  • Josephine Robertson