Nakaya pens in a row

What happens when one doesn’t keep track of the pen collection.

via Flickr

  • JustDaveyB

    A superb collection – lovely!

  • FPD

    Beautiful! Whats the color of the 4th Piccalo over? Blueish string roll wow.

  • leighpod

    It’s black! I expect it’s just a trick of the light.

  • leighpod

    The Nakaya craftsmen make such nice candy. 😀

  • Bruno Taut

    Nakaya guys LOVE you deeply.


  • quinden

    They’re all amazing! My personal favorites are the Jidai Nuri Bamboo, the titanium Piccolo, the Housuge shu, and the black hairline Long Piccolo with the snake roll-stopper 🙂

    Are they resting on a pen wrap? The pattern is beautiful!

  • Marco Y

    Great Collection!! I’m dreaming with one (unique) pen and you have fiftteen already?!?!

    Really amazing! Congratulations for fine taste!

  • Jon Buller

    It might be time to try a vintage Pelikan.

  • leighpod

    Hi Josh! The pen wrap is Nakaya’s own wrap. 🙂

  • leighpod

    What can I say? Fangirl. 😀

  • leighpod

    Hi Marco! I’ve been collecting them since 2007 and my turnover is slooow.

  • leighpod

    I sold mine, it had a 2B oblique that was pretty sharp. 🙂 I used to have several, now I just have the new M800 tortoiseshell.

  • Azizah Asgarali

    I’ll take one of each please.

  • youstruckgold

    A sight to gladden all stylophile’s hearts.

  • leighpod


  • quinden

    Thanks Leigh!

  • Marco Y

    IMHO, slow turnover make the collection better! Look like wine!


  • PeaceableWriter

    Beautiful tools worthy of their user (you)! Love this, Leigh.

  • Limner

    What happens? They fly away to me! 🙂

  • O-kami


  • Bob McConnell

    Wow…just got my first Nakaya and reach for it often now. I can only imagine the joy of this many. Nice collection and thanks for the share.

  • DKim

    I love your collection. I am looking to dive into the Urushi end of the pool for my first time. I see you have both clipped and clipless pens, which ones do you prefer more for your Urushi pens? I am looking to use mine as an EDC.

  • Denise

    I’m planning to order my first Nakaya later this year and am trying to decide what size to get. There’s a gorgeous maki-e design available on the Piccolo but it looks like the pen might be too small for my grip. I emailed Nakaya about the possibility of getting the same design on another model and they said they’d be happy to do it on the Cigar, Writer or Neostandard. So now I need to figure out which one is the best size. Do you have any suggestions on size comparisons to pens I might already be familiar with? I’d like it to be a pen that just feels like part of my hand when I’m writing, so that I could write all day long… (No sense buying a grail pen that I don’t plan to use constantly)