Nakayas, under the hood.

Where you grip a pen matters.

Nakayas, capped

Nakayas, capped

Under the cap, Nakaya pens are very different from one another.

Nakayas, uncapped

Nakayas, uncapped

There are minute differences between Piccolos. The Neo Standard has a slimmer section with a more obvious taper, but capped, it looks similar to the Long Piccolo. The Long Piccolo dwarfs the Piccolo, yet their section lengths are almost the same. All of these factors contribute to how the pen feels in the hand.

It’s really important to be able to try a pen before you buy it, especially when it’s a pen you’re going to spend a lot of time with. If you have a pen meet in your area, go. That way you can see if the eye candy you’ve been vicariously nomming writes as good as it looks, and feels right when you hold it.




  • Matt

    The piccolo has always been too small for me. How does the Long Piccolo match up against the Neo Standard? Also, what do you think of the ishme as a texture? Sixteen? You should send some to me.

  • Jerry

    Where do you go to try these out?

  • Mark

    WANT. Any and/or all of them. Thank you very much.

  • Karlo Tatad

    What is interesting is how different pens share identical sections. The Piccolo, Long Piccolo and Naka-Ai share the same front end. Ditto the Portable and the Decapod Twist. The Long and the Decapod don’t seem to share their sections with any other model. For now, at least. With Nakaya, you never know what’s cooking in the kitchen.

  • Azizah Asgarali

    Be still my heart.

  • Jon Buller

    This suggests a graphic novel in which each of the characters speaks in a different style of calligraphy, each done with a different pen.

  • leighpod

    If you grip a pen nearer the nib, you might be more comfortable with a Neo Standard compared to a Long Piccolo. I like ishime. I have two pens with ishime now. 😀

  • leighpod

    If you have pen meets near you, those are usually good places to start. Otherwise it’s reading a lot of reviews! I was lucky to be able to try my first Nakaya before buying.

  • Matt

    That midori does make my knees shake.

  • PeaceableWriter

    Sections are fascinating (Hello, I’m a dweeb, ay?)… very informative post with so few words. 🙂

  • Chris Lott

    Wow. Thanks for sharing the under-the-hood pics. I continue to drool over even a single Nakaya, much less 15+ at the same time!