The nib peep show.

Pen people can spend hours staring at pictures of barrels, sections, and nibs. Here, I do my share of populating the Internet with more nib shots to assist pen people in their quest to throw even more could-have-been-productive hours down the sinkhole.


Sailor Nagahara Retirement pen


King Crown 551-1


Nakaya music nib


Pilot Elabo (thanks for lending it to me, Peter!)


Platinum 3776, shot through a loupe


Cameron Waverly nib


Bexley stub

  • Matt

    Please stop reminding me how oddly fetishistic my hobbies are!

  • quinden

    Lovely shots, Leigh!

    Is that an overfeed on the King Crown 551-1?

  • Jon Buller

    Have you seen Steve Heller and Louise Fili’s book, “Scripts”? It’s mostly script-derived typefaces, but it also has some lovely penmanship.

  • leighpod

    Yes, that is indeed an overfeed. A giant one!

  • leighpod

    Oh no, I haven’t yet! Thanks for the tip. I can see more nonproductive hours ahead. 😉

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  • Adrian

    Hi Leigh,

    Quick question. I am thinking of getting a semi-flex pen but i am confused between 2 pens and would like your opinion.

    Which pen is better in terms of line variation in your opinion. The Metal Falcon SEF or Platinum 3776 SF? Also, which line has a thinner line when not flexed? i tend to have small handwriting and would like to EDC it. I EDC a pilot Hi-Tech C 0.4 if that helps.


  • Leigh Reyes

    The Pilot Falcon/Elabo SEF makes better hairlines. It is a touch more “toothy” than the Platinum soft fine. For EDC I would lean more towards the Platinum SF, as it has a good balance of fineness and ease of use. 🙂

  • Georgian Constantin

    Oh boy, pen porn.

  • Kate B

    I’ve just come into a King Crown 551-1 fude nib pen but no ink cartridge or converter. If you have this pen, can you tell me what kind of converter it takes? Thanks!