The root word of pensive is pens.

One day there will be no deadlines except sunset and sunrise. There will be stretches of weeks when we throw nothing away, and find that unremarkable. We will be sufficient unto ourselves. We will find a way to have our technology and our humanity, too.

We will know our purpose so well we won’t need it on a t-shirt.


Friendships will form, dissolve and reform as we need them, without debt or promise.


Conversations will be quiet outside and loud inside.


Details will always hold surprises.


There will be enough food, blankets, crayons, and tea. There will be too much smiling.


Solitude will be as welcome as companionship.


Every time it rains, music will rise from the soil.


Until then, we will wait with our pens.


(Nakaya Dorsal Fin version 2 in matte hairline finish, music nib ground to a cursive italic.)

  • nvx

    Oh my gosh – the dark/matte pen is gorgeous!

  • Matt

    Are John’s a little sharper than Yoshida-san’s? Groovy Y by the way, sort of like a broken G.

  • MsElderberry

    Like this post! The Dorsal Fin 2 somehow reminds me of a pair of flares. I really liked to wear those.

  • ccorrada

    this is a wonderful post!

  • mad woman

    Obviously Leigh, you’re not waiting with your pens. You’re already showing us the better world you seek. You’re sufficient unto yourself, but necessary to the rest of us. I think you contain worlds and multitudes. Having been continually astounded by the gemlike quality of your observations and the fluidity of your voice and art, it is very easy to imagine you turning your hand to short stories and longform fiction. Life pours from your pen.

  • leighpod

    Advertising has sucked most of the writing out of me, so nowadays I doodle more. It is less contentious inside my head. 🙂

  • leighpod

    Yes, because of the way he grinds his nibs. Also, he controls the flow level.

  • Matt

    That’s right he is a flow guy as well.

  • quinden

    Beautiful post, Leigh. Thanks!

  • leighpod

    🙂 Thanks for reading!

  • Robinkeys

    Leigh, can I please write this in calligraphy and post this on my blog?

  • leighpod

    Certainly. 🙂