Notebook covers – why?

I seem to have a problem.

Stack of covers

Stack of covers

Notebooks already have covers. Why do I need to cover them with more covers? Midori’s A5 MD notebook fits snugly into Labrador’s medium leather cover, and doesn’t seem to mind.

Labrador cover, Midori MD notebook

Labrador cover, Midori MD notebook

Midori does make a cotton canvas carry pouch for the MD, with pockets for a smartphone and pens.

Covers on covers

Covers on covers

And here comes the American contingent with their non-metric sizing. 😉 This Shinola leather cover has great pocket organization. However, I’m frustrated by the 7×9 size it holds. Right now, Fozzy’s Notebook of Infinite Patience almost fits. A large Moleskine, too, but I have serious Moleskine paper issues.

Shinola notebook cover with The Notebook of Infinite Patience

Shinola notebook cover with Fozzy’s Notebook of Infinite Patience

Muji used to have cloth covers available. I don’t see them anymore. Labrador’s medium portfolio is perfect for the Hobonichi Cousin. The cloth cover with elastic closure is by R&L Goods in Seattle and the hole in front fits a slim pen or pencil.

Covers and interiors

Covers and interiors

In my younger, cuter days, part of the fun of going back to school was wrapping our notebooks and books in waxed paper (and thick plastic, later on) which our mom brought home in giant rolls from Divisoria. I could immediately tell my notebooks from my sister’s, and they lasted the school year.

What's inside

What’s inside the 78% Emile, Midori Traveler’s Notebook, and Hobonichi Techo

A beautiful cover can add to the pleasure of reviewing (and adding to) what lies beneath. Whether you have one or many, enjoy them.

  • Jon Buller

    I like the small khaki Moleskines because they fit easily in a shirt pocket and you can decorate each one with a cover drawing.

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  • Eric Bethard

    What is your favorite cover..and why? Is it the features? Is it the material? The brand? I’m fairly new to Fountain Pens, and am just getting started with Notebooks (yes, capitalized on purpose 🙂 ), and am wondering what makes a great notebook cover.

  • leighpod

    Of these, the one that gets the most use is the Midori Traveler’s Notebook – I love how you can choose refills based on your daily needs (my favorite is 013 because the paper is like Tomoe River), and I am a sucker for anything I can dangle a pretty charm from. 😀 Also, I don’t worry about the leather. It’s all inky and dirty and that’s fine with me. 🙂

  • Constance Wiebrands

    Isn’t the question “why not”? 🙂