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Leigh works in Lowe Philippines. My employer has nothing to do with the content on this site, blah blah legal disclaimer blah blah. 🙂

This blog contains fountain pens, ink, paper, journals, sketchbooks, other kinds of pens, pencils, art supplies, office supplies, pretty much anything that makes a real mark on a real surface. Occasionally there will be geekery. There will also be trace content of advertising.

I forget to answer comments on this page, so do say hi to me on Twitter (@leighpod) or on Instagram (@leighpod).

  • Edward

    Leigh, I’d like to ask you if you know a good store here in Manila that sells 108 nibs. I bought mine from deovir but unfortunately they were out of stock lately. any good store you could recommend? I’m using the nibs for drawing comics . 🙂

  • leighpod

    Deovir is the usual suspect for the 108 nibs. I usually order online. Have you tried alternatives like the Nikko/Tachikawa G? Or do you prefer buying locally? Oh wait, why don’t you ask M. Enriquez Art Supplies? http://enriquezartsupplies.com/

  • leighpod

    Hi Sameer, thanks for asking! My art isn’t large-scale so it’s hard for me to imagine performing. 🙂

  • Warren Reynolds

    Hi Leigh,
    I recently watched one of your old youtube videos where you were drowing i your sketchbook after having put some water on the page. Could You tell me what pen you were using?

  • leighpod

    Hi Warren! I use a lot of pens for that technique, could you tell me which video so I can check?

  • Warren Reynolds

    it was this video, when i look at it though it doesn’t look like a pen.

  • Warren Reynolds

    Ps. Thanks for replying, there aren’t a lot of people who do (not blaming them or anything)

  • Warren Reynolds

    So, do you remember what it is?

  • Warren Reynolds

    Have you forgotten me?

  • leighpod

    Hi Warren! That’s called a folded pen. You can make one yourself from an aluminum can or brass sheet. I got mine online from John Neal Books. They also have a lot of lovely calligraphy supplies!

  • Warren Reynolds


  • Thomas Bergmann

    Hello miss Reyes,
    I have her Nib Creaper video linked in the German Penexchange forum. The result was a nib Creaper mania: http://www.penexchange.de/forum_neu/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=7266
    Do you have a recommandation to avoid the “railroading” (two thin lines)?

    Sincerely, Thomas

  • leighpod

    Hi Thomas! Railroading is usually caused by not enough ink flow to the nib. Check the fit of the nib and the feed – you should find it difficult to insert a sheet of paper in between. If there’s a gap, try heating the feed and gently reshaping it to close the gap. If that still doesn’t work, you can deepen the channel in the feed (carefully!). There should be tutorials on FPN. 🙂

  • Thomas Bergmann

    Thank you!

  • LM

    Hi Ms Reyes. I am doing a research on luxury pens/ stationery. I would like to know if you can accommodate my request for a short phone interview. Thank you.

  • Ms. S

    Hello Ms. Leigh! I saw an esterbrook renew points for fountain pen in sulit.com and it was such a bargain. But I was wondering if it would fit my sheaffer 100. Do any brand of nibs fit in any brand of fountain pen?

  • http://leighreyes.com Leigh Reyes

    You can’t use Estie nibs in a Sheaffer 100. What kind of nib are you looking for?

  • Andrew Gunsberg

    I was wondering if your “style” of pen and ink drawings have a specific name or genre… Or if there is more art like this out there to be found.. I really love how expressive it is! I use fountain pens alot, but would like to get more into drawings…Is there anywhere that teaches similiar techniques that u use!! Great work!! love love love it!!

  • Tony Talalay

    Leigh, I just sent you a message to your mac.com address … I will be in Philippines in a couple few weeks. Also I love fountain pens. If you don’t get my message, please e-mail me at hbrigade@gmail.com Love,


  • Greg

    Very nice of you to donate your pens!

  • Eric Lowenthal

    I can’t find the search box in your new theme

  • leighpod

    @ericlowenthal:disqus! 🙂 Thank you. Popped it in under “Menu.”

  • Pen Chalet

    Leigh I was wondering if you would be interested in reviewing a pen from http://www.penchalet.com. Please email me if you are interested.